Alexandra Lyle - Creative Language Professional



"Alexandra translated and edited my websites, which are devoted to teaching Russian as a foreign language, and to teaching other foreign languages. The work was carried out precisely and efficiently, and I am very happy with the result. We are convinced that, because of Alexandra's excellent work, our online school has received many new clients."

Yulia Amlinskaya, Manager of the online schools Language Life (
and Russificate (


"You have a very calm, pleasing and clean voice to listen to, and the hint of Irish accent gives it a really unique quality. Your voice works well in a variety of scenarios."

Marshall Axani, Film Director and Writer


"If Alexandra has worked on your copy, you can be completely confident that the structure, clarity, and grammar of what you have written is perfect. Alexandra has always significantly improved the effectiveness of the content she worked on."

Siobhan Rowe, Communications Co-ordinator, IATSE


"Thanks to Ms Alexandra Lyle, my English skills have significantly improved, and I feel more comfortable and confident with my writing ability. I can say that I appreciate her skills in English and I know with all confidence that she will do an outstanding job.

Orit, Adult student of English